Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Pop Art

Pop Art

Pop art is the term for an influential cultural movement of the sixties. It represents a particular generation and unique understanding of arts. It is amazing how the simplest things characterizing everyday life of the people, their emotions, their idols, even the household items they can't imagine living without are represented in such a beautiful and unique way. It doesn't matter if you were born in 80s or 90s pop art can bring the spirit of those days back to you.  Tendency of overpopularizing certain people and things and increased commercialization changing people's values forever  were the essential parts of pop culture.  
We love pop art because it describes 60s in such an original way and it's simply beautiful to look at! 
We will post artworks of some of our favorite pop artists. 

                                                                 Andy Warhol

Turquoise Marylin - 1962
Flowers - 1965
Male Fashion Figure - 1960
Model - 1982
Three Female Fashion Figures - 1959
Campbell's Soup I - Tomato - 1968
Triple Elvis - 1963

Roy Lichtenstein

In the Car
Thinking of Him
Drowning Girl - 1984

Richard Hamilton

"Just what is that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?" - 1922

Tom Wesselmann 

Alex Katz

David Hockney

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