Sunday, 29 January 2012

Alfred Hitchcock

If you’ve taken a glimpse of our previous posts you already know that Alfred Hitchcock is one of our all-time favorite directors. His movies are priceless and we enjoy every detail that makes them so unique. Hitchcock is an acknowledged master of the genre he invented. We adore all the great actors who have starred in his movies. Their performance makes Hitchcock’s blend of suspense, sex and humor unforgettable. Classic plot of his movies features an innocent person who gets involved in an intrigue or gets accused of a crime which is really exciting to watch. We have a whole other post dedicated to his female characters, their personality and contribution to fashion.
 We’ve set a goal to watch every single movie directed by Hitchcock and are really enjoying this process. Unfortunately we haven’t had time to watch them lately because of all the exam stuff going on. We’ll get back to it as soon as we can. Expect more posts about Alfred Hitchcock and leave a comment about your favorite movie of his. 

                      With Tippi Hedren

                      With Grace Kelly
                       With Cary Grant
                      With Andy Warhol

                 With His Wife Alma Reville

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