Monday, 26 November 2012

Style Era (Part 1) :1920s / Flappers

1920's or 'the roaring twenties' was the time of economic growth and dramatic social changes. It was the time when Americans turned into a consumer society and the whole new way of life was introduced to them. People all over the country started listening to jazz, using new kind of slang and doing all sorts of things new and unfamiliar.

Flapper is the symbol of roaring twenties. It is a woman with short skirt and bobbed hair who drinks and smokes, drives her own car, goes from party to party and basically does whatever she wants. Of course this particular era was super important for American women flapper or not flapper because this was the time when they were finally allowed to vote. New birth control methods gave them freedom to have fewer children and newly invented household devices made their life a lot easier. 

'The Great Gatsby' by F. Scott Fitzgerald  features a character Daisy Buchanan who is a typical flapper. The book is amazing and Daisy is definitely my favorite flapper. I find this period before Great Depression really interesting and we'll definitely have more posts about cultural transformations which took place back then.