Monday, 28 November 2011

Hitchcock's Women

Alfred Hitchcock is one of our favorite directors and watching his movies together has become a kind of tradition for us. We love everything about his timeless thrillers: suspenseful plots, humor, great actors and of course female characters who not only have influenced film but fashion as well.
Hitchcock's women range from annoyingly weak to tough, smart and cunning and they all have a handsome gentleman who is willing to protect them.
These women are complicated, neurotic and sometimes two-faced but that's exactly what makes the movies interesting and full of drama.
Here are some of our favorite characters:

Janet Leigh as Marion Crane:

Tippi Hedren as Melanie Daniels:

Grace Kelly as Sheila Enders

Kim Novak as Judy Barton/Madeleine Elster

Eva Marie Saint as Eve Kendall

Ingrid Bergman as Alicia Huberman

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