Thursday, 8 March 2012

Movie of the Week - VEGAS: Based on a True Story by Amir Naderi

We saw this movie yesterday in our favorite and probably the smallest cinema in our city. Both of us were amazed by the Iranian director's, Amir Naderi's ability to capture the situation of the whole country while portraying the life of a single family for only couple of hours.
In this movie we see people falling apart when their strongest desires and weaknesses collide with misinformation. The spark of hope promising them to transform their lives into something they've always wanted to live causes them to do the most irrational things we could ever imagine. It doesn't matter who  is the misinformer, someone of authority or just a guy who appeared in their lives from nowhere.
The movie focuses on a typical family living on credits with its members having certain addictions (gambling, cigarettes, controlling other people). We loved the performances of all three main charachters: Mark Greenfield, Nancy La Scala and Zach Thomas.
Vegas: Based on a True Story was an official selection at the 2008 Venice Film Festival.