Sunday, 16 September 2012

Band Crush: She & Him

Everything involving Zooey Deschanel is super awesome. It's a fact.

I discovered She & Him about two years ago and haven't stopped listening to their music since then. For anyone who hasn't heard, She & Him is an indie duo with Zooey (vocals, piano, ukulele) and Matt Ward (production, guitar). They've released three albums so far Volume I (2008), Volume II (2010) and A Very She and Him Christmas (2011).
Zooey has been making music for a long time but never thought of pursuing music career until she met Matt Ward. She had bunch of home demos but never had an ambition to become a music celebrity. One day she sent her demos to Ward who later persuaded her into recording her songs properly. That's how their band was formed.
Listening to She & Him brings happy, sunny mood and makes your life better in general.
Have a nice day everyone! Brighten it up with some good music.

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