Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Martha Marcy May Marlene

The movie is directed by Sean Durkin, starring Elizabeth Olsen one of my newly favorite actresses. The story is about a girl who escaped from an abusive hippie-like commune and tries to go back to normal life with the help from her sister and brother in law. Martha is haunted by painful memories emerging way too often  making it almost impossible for her to reunite with society and lead a normal life. Martha's sister (played by Sarah Paulson)  feeling guilty for not fully supporting her in the past tries hard with her husband to help but paranoia, panic attacks and creepy behavior is just too much to deal with for this shiny happy couple.

This is not a fun movie to watch. In fact it has some really disturbing scenes but if you love psychological dramas like I do you will enjoy it. The younger sister of Olsen twins delivers an amazing performance and you will also get to know with other interesting characters like a charismatic cult leader (played by John Hawkes) who is the one who lured Martha into the craziness.

What I loved about this movie is the way the story is told. We go back and forth from Martha's cult life to her paranoic present. The movie is beautifully shot so I will show you some of my favorite frames from there.


  1. Hi, I checked the trailer for this movie after reading your post and now I'm more curious than ever! I've never seen any movie with Elizabeth Olsen but everybody seems to be talking about her, so I can't wait to check out her performance in this movie.

    1. It's definitely worth watching. She's an amazing actress.

  2. Ooh, I love psychological dramas, I'm definitely going to watch this!
    Btw, thanks for your comment. You have a nice blog as well! :)
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