Friday, 22 February 2013

Style Icon - Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve is french actress.She made her film debut in Les collegiennes in 1957.Catherine worked with great directors like Roger Vadim (they were dating and have a son Christian),Roman Polanski,Jean-Paul Rappeneau,Andre Techine and etc.In 1980 she won Cesar Award for The  Last Metro and in 1993 for Indochine.She was in relationship with David Bailey,Marcello Mastorianni(they have daughter Chiara),Clint Eastwood,Francois Truffaut and Pierre Lescure. In 1970s she was the face of Chanel No.5 and American press nominated her as the world's most elegant woman.In 1983 she worked with Richard Avedon for Youth Garde cosmetic line.In 2001 she become a new face of L'oreal Paris.In 2007 Deneueve appeared in Louis Vuitton advertisement.She is a designer of glasses,shoes,jewellery and in 1986 she introduced her parfume Deneueve.Catherine was close friend and muse of Yves Saint Laurent,who made her costumes for several movies.In 1992 she become a model for his skincare line.

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