Monday, 1 April 2013

March Favorites

Movie: Me and You by Bernardo Bertolucci

This is the last movie we saw together and definitely the best we both saw this month. Having seen a bunch of Bertolucci films, we didn't really expect something like this but we are by no means disappointed because it was so real and beautiful. The story is about an introverted teenager who spends a whole week in his basement instead of going on a skiing vacation with his classmates and  does a great job hiding it. He's later joined by his half-sister who has nowhere to stay. She's a heroine-addict struggling to get her life back. Nothing dramatic or super-exciting happens in the movie, it's just two of them slowly bonding and beginning to understand each other.

Celebrity - Michael Fassbender

Cover - Ben Affleck,Emma Stone and Bradly Cooper For Vanity Fair US

Best Dressed - Jessica Chastain

Ad Campaign: Prada Candy by Wes Anderson featuring Lea Seydoux

TV Show: Girls

It's funny and real and different. A good way to spend time after a shitty day. 

Beauty Product: Clinique Almost Lipstick in black honey

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