Monday, 16 July 2012

Fashion Muses (Part 2 )

1.Erin Wasson and Alexander Wang

They met together in 2007. “I moved into the same building as Alex. He was my downstairs neighbour, we started hanging out and he was just like:‘Hey, you wanna style?’,says Erin.They started work together and in 2008 create the Spring/Summer 2008 and Fall/Winter 2008-2009 collections.Both are free,creative,interesting and stylish person.
Erin about their friendship: “We were just two friends playing dress-up and having a good time''.“There wasn’t any pressure; he wasn’t under a microscope like he is now, and nor was I. It was this magic moment.”

2.Charlotte Gainsbourg and Nicolas Ghesquière

Charlote is Balenciaga's new face.She presents new fragrance l’Essence,but not the first time.In 2009 Charlotte posed for the first Balenciaga fragrance called Balenciaga ,Paris.They are friends more than 10 years.
Nicolas about Charlotte:1.“She is a part of my personal history,We are born the same year. I grew up knowing Charlotte. She didn’t know me, of course, but I knew her, like every kid in France. So when I was in school, when I was growing up she was already kind of like a friend, in a very childish sort of way. And so when I finally met her I had the feeling that we had known each other forever.”
2.“When I design a collection there is always a moment when Charlotte comes to my mind,”
Charlotte about Nicolas:1.''Just looking at his clothes, you want to project yourself into them.''

3.Sofia Coppola and Marc Jacobs

Sofia is Marc's longtime friend and muse.They first met when Sofia asked  her mother to take her to him because she liked his clothes.She is the muse for his Louis Vuitton Cruise line and  always presents at his fashion shows.
Marc about Sofia:“Young and sweet and innocent and beautiful. The epitome of this girl I fantasize of.”

4.Agyness Deyn and Henry Holland

Fashion's coolest BFF's-that's how we can describe Agyness and Henry."We've been friends since we were 13. We're from the same village'',says Henry.
Agyness about Henry:'I wouldn't miss this for the world. Henry's shows are the first thing in my diary.'


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