Sunday, 22 July 2012

Our Favorite TV Show - Desperate Housewives

Every time I hear the word ‘housewife’ I imagine a pretty woman who is well-dressed, polished, made-up and hard-working, extremely loyal to her family. Maybe it’s all the 50’s housewife stereotype from the movies and other shows. I’ve always considered that kind of life boring and even depressing but the life of ‘Desperate Housewives’ are none of those things. In contrary, their life is full of drama and all kinds of experiences. You get to know these characters and instantly start wanting to know more and more about them. Fortunately, Mary Alice is there to satisfy your curiosity, a dead friend and neighbor of the main characters, the whole story is seen through her eyes. We see these women struggling with family and career problems, secrets, drama, crime and the skeletons in the closet.
The setting of the show is Wisteria Lane – a fictional street in a fictional American town. Wisteria Lane is quiet, peaceful, beautiful, simply perfect suburban neighborhood on the surface but you know there is a lot of drama behind each door.
Our favorite character is Bree Van de Kamp who is a neurotic, perfectionist housewife obsessed with cleanliness. I think her life is hardest and the most interesting. We love that she is so loyal and selfless when it comes to her family and friends.
We never thought the stories of some American housewives could be so interesting and involving. It really is one of our favorite TV shows and that’s why the series finale made us so emotional we couldn’t believe ourselves. 


  1. I don't watch this show, but my Mom does and I know from Mom it's hilarious.
    How do you get this in Tbilisi?

  2. Really fantastic show :)
    It's really hot in Tbilisi.How are you?

  3. How do you watch this show? Do they show it in Tbilisi?

    I'm fine. It's really hot here too :)