Sunday, 11 November 2012

Francesca Woodman

I tend to fall in love with everything extraordinary, dark and weird. I've been like this forever. Most of my favorite movies are psychological dramas involving characters with extremely troubled personalities and variety of mental problems. I love music which makes me feel like I'm not alone, someone more talented than me already went through this and made something out of it to make people like me feel better. I know I sound crazy but I just wanted to clear this up. I just love everything dark and mysterious. When it comes to photography, Francesca Woodman is definitely one of my favorites. Her black and white photographs mostly featuring herself, with ghostly silhouettes and surrealistic surroundings are my favorites.  I'm interested in not only her work but her life as well. She was  incredibly talented, different from everyone, just amazing. So you'll probably see more posts about her round here soon.
Francesca Woodman has produced merely 800 photographs and committed suicide at the age of 22. I'm sharing some of my favorite works of her with you here.

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